• Medical examination including height, weight, BMI calculation, cardiovascular system examination, respiratory system examination, examination of the skin (moles, lesions)

• Discussion of current medical concerns

• Assessment for risk factors including recommendations for lifestyle changes

• Past medical history

• Family history

• Medication review and prescription, if applicable

• Resting electrocardiogram (ECG)

• Full blood profile which includes haematology (blood count, platelets, red blood cells, white cells, inflammatory markers), liver function test, kidney function test, iron and calcium levels, lipid profile inclusive of cholesterol levels, and glucose level

• Urinalysis for blood, bilirubin, glucose, protein, keton and pH

£ 285

You can also request any of the following optional tests for a small extra cost:


Additional Tests:

Thyroid screen – £80

Allergy screen – from £245

Tumour makers – £85 each